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Amazing Scenery: Choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot

Amazing Scenery: Choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot

Choosing the perfect location for your photoshoot can be a tough and time consuming task. It is important to choose a place that has natural lighting, as well as provides an interesting background. In this blog post we will give you tips on how to find the right spot for your next photoshoot!

What are the most important factors when choosing a location?

There are three main things to keep in mind when selecting your location. The first factor being, whether you want natural lighting or artificial. If you prefer natural light then try to find an area with plenty of windows where sunlight will shine through; however, if you prefer studio lights that is perfectly fine too.

Another factor is the background you want to incorporate in your photo shoot, so make sure that this part of your location has a nice back drop or scenery which can blend nicely with what you are shooting.

Lastly and most importantly, choose an area which will be easy for everyone involved to get to! You don’t want people having trouble finding where you are shooting!

Aside from the three factors above, try to choose a location that will not be too distracting from what you are trying to capture. While it is great for there to be an interesting background and natural lighting in your photoshoot, don’t make this aspect of your shoot overpowering by picking somewhere with loud noises or bright lights clashing into your photo.

Think also about how the location will be used in your photos. If you are looking for a place to take outdoor portraits then try finding an area with large open spaces and green scenery. However, if you want to do a more creative shoot involving props or outfits, then think about choosing an indoor location instead.

Finding the right spot can be tricky, but with these tips you should have no problems in finding your next photoshoot location!

How to Improve Family Photos with Proper Staging

How to Improve Family Photos with Proper Staging

The hardest choices we make before taking family photos have to do with location, how to arrange the people in the photo, what to wear, and pose to consider. Most times, the poses are random, repetitive, and they make the pictures dull or predictable. It should not be a problem anymore because you are about to know how to improve those family photos and add some life, color, warmth, and fun in them through proper staging.

The following are things you can do to stage the family photos.

1. Use natural light whenever possible

Most of the time, we put in the flash to brighten up our pictures and make them more precise. When you resort to using natural light, the blend is seamless, and the picture looks very natural. Using natural light may mean either taking the photo in an environment outside the house or posing near a window or door that lets the light come in. You should use the flash if you have a high-quality camera.

2. Always consider the background

The background where you take a picture is a determinant of the final output. When you take a photo inside the house, ensure to de-clutter that environment and get rid of anything that may divert attention and cause the picture to look too occupied. The effect of a clean and organized background that has no clutter amplifies and brings more clarity to the people in the photo. You also do not want people moving around the back when taking the family photo. Pick a place that is far from disruption of any kind.

3. Add some balanced color

You can not underestimate the power of having a solid color in your family photo. The effect of color that is well balanced gives the picture some personality, warmth, and depth. Dull images are boring to look at, while a solid color tells a rich story. A family photo is all about sharing good times, the fun and liveliness, do not forget to get people into their best mood because nothing speaks color and warmth like a genuine smile. Take photos when people are fresh and genuinely happy.

4. Stagger the heads

When taking family photos, don’t stick to the typical straight lines or rows. Make the picture more attractive by staggering the heads. It is advisable that if you have more than two people in the photo, then create diagonal lines from one person to the next. Make sure that no two heads are on the same level. It is a good thing to try and blend something natural to the photo to create this effect. You may use a stool to make some people sit while others stand or in the case of an out of the house photo, use things like small hills and considerable stones to have staggered heights.

5. Have or create natural bends

When taking the family photos, do not let the people stand stiff and straight. The look is very unnatural, so look for ways to create natural curves within the picture. You can have some people squat while others bend a body part or two and, of course, in a logical manner that does not look odd. You can let some people bend a knee to emphasize the hip, hook a finger in a belt loop, cross one foot over the other, and so forth. This effect makes the photo look much more natural, fun, and welcoming.


These are some of the ways you can use to stage and spice up family photos. Next time you take a family photo, remember to get creative.