Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II by George Weigel

By George Weigel

George Weigel, writer of Witness to pray, may be giving a sequence of lectures in Oxford, London, Manchester, and Birmingham in mid-February. The definitive, authoritative biography of Pope John Paul II, with remarkable co-operation from the Pope, together with entry to the Holy Father's papers. A groundbreaking portrait of the Pope as a guy, thinker, non secular chief and political determine destined to develop into a vintage. The authoritative biography of 1 of the singular figures --some may possibly even argue, the singular determine of the 20 th century. John Paul II's existence is full of drama; his existence is additionally replete with difficult principles, whose energy is available in half from the sensational personality of Wojtyla's existence and the integrity with which he has lived it. Even his critics concede that John Paul II occupies a distinct position at the global degree on the finish of this bloody century, and that he has positioned down markers that nobody can forget about or stay away from as humanity becomes a brand new millennium fraught with either hazard and threat. This e-book contains formerly unpublished primary-source documentation of an old caliber. The Pope is a guy of prodigious strength, and has performed a vital, but heretofore unknown function, during this century's such a lot momentous occasions, together with the autumn of communism, the Holy Sea/Israel negotiation of 1991-92, the disintegration of the Nicaraguan, Chilean, and Paraguayan regimes in the course of the Nineteen Eighties, and the unparalleled papal stopover at to Cuba. This biography explains the way it is this "man from a miles country," as he describes himself to the Roman crowds at the evening of his election, had performed all of that, and what his accomplishments could portend for the way forward for either the Church and the realm. Tues 18th Feb - The Chaplaincy (sp?), Oxford Wed nineteenth Feb - Westminster Cathedral Thur twentieth Feb - Manchester collage Fri twenty first Feb - Oratory, Birmingham

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His faith is Karol Wojtyła, at the most profound level of his personhood. This intense rootedness can be startling, even disturbing, in a world in which assembling a personality from bits and pieces of conviction—religion here, politics there; morals here, aesthetics there—is one of the hallmarks of modernity. ” His life, forged in the furnace of the great political and intellectual conflicts of the twentieth century, is an embodiment of that proclamation, just as his teaching is an explanation of the sources of his fearlessness and his public ministry is the action implied by it.

10 The universality of Karol Wojtyła’s interests and concerns is thus a function of his particular, specific, and radical Christian commitment. It is important to clarify the meaning of “radical” here, for as it applies to Karol Wojtyła, it does not mean “further left” (on the conventional left/right spectrum) but deeper. ” To see Wojtyła as a “Christian radical,” then, is to try to understand his radicalism as an example of what the American philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once described as the simplicity that lies on the far side of complexity.

APRIL 13, 1929 ■ Emilia Kaczorowska Wojtyła, Lolek’s mother, dies. ” MAY 1929 ■ Lolek’s first holy communion. SEPTEMBER 1930 ■ Lolek enters secondary school. DECEMBER 5, 1932 ■ Edmund Wojtyła, Lolek’s older brother, dies. FALL 1934 ■ Lolek begins to perform in local theatrical productions. FEBRUARY 1936 ■ MAY 3, 1938 ■ MAY 27, 1938 ■ AUGUST 1938 ■ SPRING 1939 ■ JUNE 1939 ■ JULY 1939 ■ Karol Wojtyła begins intense work with avant-garde theatrical director Mieczysław Kotlarczyk. Karol Wojtyła is confirmed.

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