Wisdom for the Seeker, Volume I by Zulfiqar Ahmad

By Zulfiqar Ahmad

Knowledge for the Seeker is a sequence of correspondences among Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi) and a few of his many scholars during the global. each one letter conveys not just phrases of recommendation and information, yet serves as an easy reminder of the lessons of the Quran and the instance [sunnah] of the Prophet (peace and benefits be upon him). The letters are interwoven with examples from the lifetime of the ultimate Messenger (peace and benefits be upon him), the Noble partners, and people who their direction. the present quantity (volume I) is a range of twenty-four letters from the unique paintings.

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Do not spread thorns before those who spread thorns in your path – otherwise, the entire world will be covered with thorns. Remember that the sandal tree renders fragrant the very axe being used to cut it. Always walk with the flag of humility – otherwise, you will stumble and fall. 20 For example, since Allah u is the most Merciful, his servants should aim to be merciful towards one another. 21 This is a statement of the Noble Prophet s. Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandī 43 Today the children of those scholars who barely consumed lawful [halāl] earnings fill themselves with the unlawful [harām].

C. twenty days ago after traveling to Moscow and Daghestan. It is snowing very hard here. By the will of Allah [māshā’Allah] many people are entering the tarīqah and learning both the importance of remembrance [dhikr] as well as the science of spirituality [sulūk]. However, the condition of the Muslim youth is pitiful. Desperately searching for inner calm and peace, they labor in their careers with such fervor. They have white and clean bodies but they carry black stones inside. They grow old yet remain lustful throughout their lives.

At night they came to a mosque [masjid] with a broken door that would not close. When his attendants went to sleep, Hadrat Ibrāhīm ibn ‘Adham i stood against the door all night so they would be comfortable. Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandī 55 Hadrat cUmar ibn cAas i was returning from the conquest of Egypt and found that a pigeon had built a nest in his tent. Although the army was leaving, he ordered that his tent not be touched, and so he completed the rest of the journey without a tent so that the pigeon’s house would not be destroyed.

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