Weeds in bloom : autobiography of an ordinary man by Robert Newton Peck

By Robert Newton Peck

The realm of seven-year-old Robert, a farm boy in Vermont in the course of the melancholy, is populated by way of undeniable nation those that "sparkle" regardless of their hardships.

summary: the area of seven-year-old Robert, a farm boy in Vermont throughout the melancholy, is populated by means of simple nation those that "sparkle" regardless of their hardships

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Real citizens you deserve to greet, and know, and possible remember. You shall know me by the people I have known. There is no plot. A happy marriage of Yankee and Confederate, it rambles along Vermont dirt roads and Florida’s red clay, meandering like a cow path, seeming at first to go nowhere. But a cow path usual gets to a goal—a freshet of cool water, a barn at milking time, a puddle of shade beneath a meadow elm. Or a maple. On the outside, maple trees are rocky hard in their rough tough bark.

Our bank was burglarproof, consisting of a rusty tomato can, a cylindrical vault that had earlier been used for fishing worms. Without as much as a wash or rinse, Soup and I completed its conversion from a holder of warm bait to one of cold cash. After several false starts (the most useless being when we mistook lead foil for tinfoil), our shining ball began slowly to grow, nourished mainly by inner sleeves of chewing gum. Then we hit the jackpot. Dolores Baginski’s Beauty Salon. Braving its odor, a fragrance far worse than the dump’s or that of the alley behind Filput’s Fish, we rummaged through the trash cans at the beauty parlor in search of that treasure of all treasures, a discarded Kinky-Perm curler wrap.

From a jug! However, the latest fad, a few high school giants informed us, was carrying a particular grown-up article in one’s pocket, solid evidence that you were one of the guys. This coveted equipment, so recently in fashion, could be quietly purchased at the drugstore, but only by adults. Or big boys. Kids like us, even with money in hand, would be rejected and dejected customers. Not only that. Twerps who tried would probably be laughed at. Or worse, reported to their parents. There was, according to rumor, a new secret coin machine.

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