Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, the Reading Guide by Kyla Brown

By Kyla Brown

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How far they’ve driven c. all the things By needs to remember 2. What does Mrs. Davidson give Joey? a. an angel b. a coloring book c. a game 7. What surprises Kenny about the rest stop in Ohio? a. the number of trees b. the people c. the bathrooms 3. Where does Joey keep her present? a. on her bookshelf b. under her bed c. in her sock drawer 4. Why does Joey say the angel doesn’t look like her? a. It has brown eyes. b. It’s white. c. It has dimples. 5. Why does By sleep in Momma and Dad’s room the night before the trip?

A. the Wool Pooh b. a rope c. a shoe 12. What reason does Byron give for not fighting with Grandma Sands? a. She’s too mean. b. She’s old. c. She uses a cane. 17. What does Kenny say he should have told Joetta before she went to Sunday school? a. that he loves her b. that she saved his life c. that she looks pretty 13. Who is Toddy? a. an old dog b. a friend of Grandma Sands’s c. a friend of Byron’s 18. Why do the pets hide behind the Watsons’ couch? a. to make a deal with the magic powers b. to hide from the kids c.

10. What does Kenny think Byron is wrong about? a. that magic doesn’t exist b. that Kenny will be all right c. thinking that Byron is beautiful 35 Focus on Reading: The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 STUDENT NAME ___________________________________________________ DATE__________________ VI. Chapters 14–15 During Reading Check Your Understanding Short Answer Write a short answer for each question. 1. What makes every bird and bug stop and wonder? 2. What tries to stop Kenny from picking up the shoe?

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