War and Press Freedom: The Problem of Prerogative Power by Jeffery A. Smith

By Jeffery A. Smith

Within the centuries from the ratification of the 1st modification in 1791 throughout the Gulf battle in 1991, the yank press lacked an sufficient correct to investigate and document at the nation's armed conflicts. whilst regulations have been challenged as violations of the structure, army laws and federal legislation have been justified as priceless lower than the "higher legislations" of survival. Is there legislation extra very important than the structure which permits prerogative powers for use in a time of conflict or nationwide concern? This groundbreaking and provocative research, studying legislation and heritage over those 2 hundred years, argues that press freedom can't and shouldn't be suspended in the course of armed clash. the army and the media needs to interact simply because neither has authority over the opposite.

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The military imposed a curfew on people of Japanese ancestry in West Coast states and eventually wasted resources that could have gone into the war effort by interning 112,000 of them, 70,000 of whom were United States citizens, in inland detention centers where nearly every aspect of their lives was carefully supervised. " The report was sent to the War Department by the central figure in the relocation process, Lieutenant General J. L. DeWitt, an excitable racist who treated rumors of fifth column activity as facts.

Hard-won rights, skeptics charged, were to rest on little more than trust in officials operating in an elaborate, untested political mechanism. Specific concerns were voiced about the absence of language preserving a nongovernmental check: an independent press to inform the sovereign people about the performance of their servants in positions of power. At the Virginia ratifying convention, for instance, Patrick Henry stated that freedom of the press was left to depend on the "integrity" of members of Congress.

He told the House, which did not pass the resolution, that the sovereign people should not be censured by their servants in government; that they had enough good sense and patriotism to reject unsound publications. "Opinions arc not the objects of legislation," he said. "You animadvert on the abuse of reserved rights: how far will this go? " 48 The events of the 17905, however, soon did produce the kind of stress fractures the constitutional system would suffer in later rimes. In particular, the seizing of American ships by England and then by France brought about reassessments of the nation's pacific hopes and political mechanisms.

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