Vertigo Rehabilitation Protocols by Dario Carlo Alpini, Antonio Cesarani, Guido Brugnoni

By Dario Carlo Alpini, Antonio Cesarani, Guido Brugnoni

This ebook describes intimately rehabilitation protocols particular for these problems that almost all often set off vertigo and dizziness. specifically, it highlights workout protocols that may allow the simplest consequence to be bought in the shortest time and with the main enduring healing impact. Drawing on their own event, the authors describe actual workouts that would turn out potent in providing vestibular rehabilitation world wide, whatever the rehabilitation instruments to be had. The offered protocols hide vertigo in quite a lot of stipulations. valuable info is usually supplied at the medical method of vertigo and dizziness, vestibular rehabilitation from Cawthorne-Cooksey onward and the position of life style counseling. through documenting potent practical and healing methods, Vertigo Rehabilitation Protocols can be a useful source for neurologists, ENT physicians, orthopedists and rehabilitation specialists.

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Reflexes involved in balance control can be subdivided into two groups: • Ocular reflexes: vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR), optokinetic reflexes (OKR) and cervico-ocular reflexes (COR). These reflexes are aimed to the stabilization of the visual field. • Spinal reflexes: vestibulospinal reflexes (VSR), vestibulocollic reflexes (VCR), cervico-collic reflexes (CCR), cervicospinal reflexes (CSR) and stretch reflexes (SR). ). Reflexes are activated by sensorial stimuli and act on muscles, such as the oculomotor, antigravity and dynamic muscles.

C. 2 Case History Case history is often the key of a correct medical diagnosis and an effective rehab. The first diagnostic task is to differentiate between vertigo and dizziness or unsteadiness (VDU), ruling out the many varieties of specific dizziness. Generally speaking, VDU is the awareness of some dysfunction in the balance mechanisms, that is, a dysfunction in the balance mechanisms becomes a conscious experience. The sensation is characterized by feelings of “spatial disorientation”, whereof the illusion of false movement is the most characteristic.

Thus the first test to perform is standing on one leg with eyes open (SOLEO) and with eyes closed (SOLEC) [28]. The test consists of measuring the time during which the subject is able to maintain one-leg stance (also called Uemura test). Healthy subjects are able to maintain monopodalic stance for at least 30″ with eyes open and 20″ with eyes closed. In order to investigate in clinical practice equilibrium control of gait, the patient has to walk quietly in a large room to and fro with eyes open and then with eyes closed.

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