Uttering Trees (Linguistic Inquiry Monographs) by Norvin Richards

By Norvin Richards

A examine of the interface among syntax and phonology that seeks deeper factors for such syntactic difficulties as case phenomena and the distribution of overt and covert wh-movement.

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C. dat mrsko pomogati? ’ (106) a. In (106), the subject receives quirky dative case from the adjective mrsko ‘boring’. Multiple wh-fronting is then banned if the result would bring two dative DPs together, regardless of whether they match in gender (106b,c). The Croatian data in (107) are similar (Martina Gracˇanin-Yu¨ksek, personal communication). These examples involve a modal construction in which the subject is dative and the verb is infinitival: 52 Chapter 2 (107) a. dat pomocˇi? ’ b. Kojem je cˇovjeku pomocˇi kojem djecˇaku?

Ich habe jedem Freund ein Buch gegeben, aber ich weiß nicht I have every friend a book given but I know not mehr wem welches (German) more who which ‘I gave every friend a book, but I don’t remember who which’ b. acc ‘Someone saw someone, but I don’t know who whom’ Moreover, Greek and German have both been independently argued to allow multiple vP-internal DPs, again unlike English. Fanselow (2001) and Wurmbrand (2006) have argued that multiple DPs may remain within vP in German. acc mailman bitten has here already oft (German) often ‘It has happened often here already that a young dog has bitten a mailman’ Alexiadou and Anagnostopoulou (2001, 2007) argue that Greek also allows multiple DPs inside vP.

The higher verb in the examples in (33) is associated with the apparatus of case assignment to the wh-moved NP. The higher instance of vP is dominated by a vC P, which renders v transitive and also introduces a Spell-Out domain that can separate the two instances of v. 9 The vP of the higher clause in (30), by contrast, is intransitive, and the two instances of v must therefore undergo Spell-Out in the same domain. The trees for (30a) and (33a) are given in (34): (34) a. 20 Chapter 2 b. The relevant di¤erence between the two trees, on this account, is that in (34b) the higher v is transitive, assigning a y-role to you and Case to how many prisoners.

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