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I establish the global context for Third World urbanisation before analysing the internal structure of Third World cities. The process of rural-urban migration is identified as a major factor in urbanisation and urban growth. Our attention then focuses on experiences of life in Third World cities, with detailed examination of the urban economy, housing issues, environment, health, transport, and poverty, power and politics in the Third World city. Finally, Part Six employs a prospective viewpoint to consider the future of cities with particular reference to the concept of sustainable urban development, and critically examines the nature of cities in the twenty-first century.

For those who are new to the book—if you are reading this it is likely that you share my interest in the city. Cities are fascinating, dynamic and complex socio-spatial phenomena. Knowledge of cities and of city living is of real importance both for academic understanding and in negotiating our daily lives in the urban world of the twenty-first century. Urban Geography: A Global Perspective is designed to provide an accessible introduction to the study of urban geography in the contemporary world.

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