Unveiling the Secrets of Magic and Magicians by Mohammad Amin Sheikho

By Mohammad Amin Sheikho

How bad are the phrases that issued from the mouths of these deceivers from among the jews, who used fake statements to insert intrigue into the books of Islam. Their phrases in regards to the attainable use of magic to bewitch the main honorable one in every of all production, Mohammad (cpth), are not anything greater than mere lies. a similar is correct of one other in their sayings- fie on them (may God cause them to as gruesome as their deeds)- in which they are saying that the accursed devil managed the Prophet (cpth), in addition to different of our nice masters, together with Solomon, task and our father Adam. Their statements are simply refutable, and simply as our of each pot pours that which it includes, woe to them as a result of what pours from their spirits. because of such intrigues, the idea in magic, in addition to different non secular ailments, is unfold among the Muslims by means of disbelieving magicians and their fans- to the level that you can actually rarely discover a residence during which there doesn't reside not less than considered one of their fans- those humans think the devil's name simply because they've got listened to fake students rather than God and feature became their again at the Qur'an as though they knew greater. Now, besides the fact that, it's time for the voice of fact to be heard by way of these humans, whose forefathers weren't warned and who hence stay heedless. the good student (Mohammad Amin Sheikho) will deliver them out of the darkness and into the sunshine with using God's Luminous booklet, for the great of all those that think in Al'lah and the final Day. God says: "And repent to Al'lah, all of you, oh believers, so you will be successful." The Holy Qur'an, castle 24, An-Nour(Light),verse 31

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Concerning eating garbage, we say: Al’lah has provided us with good and agreeable things and has forbidden noxious and harmful ones. As a believer is someone goodhearted, he only eats good, pleasant food. ” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 18, Al-Kahf (The Cave), verse 19 In another verse God says: “They ask you what is lawful for them: say all good things are lawful for you…” The Holy Qur’an, Fortress 5, Al-Ma’ida (The Table), verse 4 As for acts such as abstaining from eating food or drinking water or both for a year, we say: Al’lah never revealed any proof confirming the usefulness of such acts and of causing of such stress on ourselves.

Only one thing can release humanity from disbelief and transfer it to true belief. This thing is contemplation and deep thought about creation, as this is the creation of the great Creator, who supervises humanity with His provision and direction. A seeker of truth will be honest for their faith if they know for certain that they will die, for then they will fear this inescapable end. The beginning of the way of belief may also be found in listening (which is associated with thinking): listening to the call of the herald that requests humanity to believe in God, leading us, when we are honest, to true witnessing.

They are the deliverers who are purified and sacred in their holy secrets, actions and states. “They are exalted above physical materials, free from bodily powers and far above spatial movements and temporal changes. We approach them and lean on them because they are our providers, our gods, our ways, and our intermediaries to Al’lah who is the Provider over providers and the God over 1 gods. “Therefore we have to stimulate a relationship between ourselves and the spiritual ones so as to ask them to help us with our needs and inform us about our states, and we must defer to them in all of our affairs, so that then they will act as intermediaries between ourselves and our Creator.

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