Torchbearers of Chemistry. Portraits and Brief Biographies by Henry Monmouth Smith

By Henry Monmouth Smith

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TORCHBEARERS OF CHEMISTRY 1621 SIR HUMPHRY DAVY: 1778-1829. Brilliant English scientist and pioneer in the study of the chemical action of the electric current. He discovered the physiological action of nitrous oxide (1794); invented the miner's safety lamp (1815); showed that chlorine (1810) and iodine (1813) are simple substances; isolated sodium and potassium in 1807; boron in 1808; and later prepared barium, calcium, strontium, and magnesium in the metallic state. " Knighted by the Prince Regent (1812).

TORCHBEARERS OF CHEMISTRY {55} MONSIEUR AND MADAME CURIE. Caricature by "Imp," entitled "Radium," appearing in Vanity Fair as a colored supplement December 22, 1904. TORCHBEARERS OF CHEMISTRY 1561 THEODOR CURTIUS: 1857-1928. Professor at Kiel and successor to Victor Meyer at Heidelberg (1898). His researches were largely with compounds of nitrogen and the dia2£> derivatives of the fatty acids. He discovered hydrasine in 1889 and hydrasoic acid in 1890. TORCHBEARERS OF CHEMISTRY 1571 LOUIS JACQUES MANDÉ DAGUERRE: 1789-1851.

Established the elementary nature of hydrogen (1766); the composition of water (1784) ; synthesized nitric acid (1784) ; showed air to be a mixture of constant composition (1785) and suspected the presence of another gas (argon) in the air. Although a man of great wealth and social position he lived a recluse, shunning all publicity and devoting himself to his scientific studies. There is only one sketch of Cavendish in existence, as above, preserved in the British Museum, and this was made by the artist Alexander when Cavendish was unaware of his presence.

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