Tobacco or Health?: Physiological and Social Damages Caused by Knut-Olaf Haustein, David A. Groneberg

By Knut-Olaf Haustein, David A. Groneberg

This can be the one scientific-based ebook on nicotine drug dependency. It offers a precis of the results that tobacco smoking has on well-being, making an allowance for all organ structures affected. It additionally describes measures to assist participants give up smoking.

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3 Nicotine and Dependence The addictive effects of nicotine were known within the industry as early as 1963 [2], but were denied publicly until 1980 because the simultaneous admission of carcinogenic and addictive effects would not have been defensible [36]. Studies in rats showed that only some of the animals became dependent as a result of the tobacco smoke. The dependence-inducing effect was linked with the rate of nicotine delivery to the CNS [37,38]. The delivery of nicotine and the associated "kick" were enhanced by the addition ofK2 C03 [39].

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