Tissue Repair, Contraction and the Myofibroblast by Christine Chaponnier

By Christine Chaponnier

Tissue fix, Contraction and the Myofibroblast summarizes the newest findings about the biology of the myofibroblast, a telephone taken with the evolution and contraction of granulation tissue and of fibrotic alterations. insurance exhibits that the myofibroblast is accountable for the advance of hypertrophic scars, pulmonary and renal fibrosis and asthma. experiences the cellphone biology and pathology of the myofibroblast in addition to mechanisms of fibrosis evolution in lots of organs and tissues.

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1 and then performed collagen gel contraction assays. We observed that lung fibroblasts transfected with CTGF contracted gels from 15 mm to -7 mm diameter ( -8 mm contraction), whereas nontransfected cells or cells transfected with vector as a control did not contract collagen gels (Fig. 3). 0001 0 4 5 6 7 8 Contraction (mm) 9 10 11 Figure 2. 5 x 10^ cells/ml final concentration) and aliquoted into 24-well plates. Collagen lattices were polymerized for 45 min at 37°C followed by incubation with medium containing 10% fetal calf serum for 4 h, foUowed by overnight incubation in serum-firee medium.

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