Tiger Woods by David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout

By David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout

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Maybe I didn't tell him in the most tactful way, because before I knew what was happening I had been rewarded with a swift kick in the pants! I'll never forget that kick. Danny happened to be wearing the newest style in pointed shoes. Perhaps later he regretted the top sergeant-type response. He didn't say anything and I didn't complain at the time. But he must have known how angry I was about the unjustified kick, and I guess he picked me for his group as a way of apologizing. Actually, I was probably a bit too cocky for my own good, anyway.

Henry, Hank, or Cuz, as we called each other, was the one who learned the flutter tongue and didn't want to teach me. Anyway, that was the night of nights for me. The music was prettier than I had ever dreamed. Doc Perry had perhaps the best musicians, but old Sam Taylor had that beat - and above all he had something. The only word that would describe it actually is funk, which by the way was never mentioned in polite society in those days. But now it is "in" and not a naughty word anymore. It seemed like the end of the world to me when, shortly after that, Danny Doy called us together and announced his departure to Europe.

Going home on the street car I fought sleep on the way back to Georgetown and, thinking about the dance, I decided not to tell mother all, figuring that she wouldn't know about such things. All our hearts took a leap when we were chosen to play for a real up-to-date musical comedy with girls, dancing and bright lights. Here we come! Go-Get-It was my introduction into the big time, deciding to make music my career and leaving home. As I think it all over, perhaps it was inevitable that I should have wound up in music, even though I had shied away from it like the plague earlier.

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