The Scripture of the Golden Eternity by Jack Kerouac

By Jack Kerouac

Poetic meditations on pleasure, cognizance, and changing into one with the endless universe from the writer of On the Road

in the course of an unexplained fainting spell, Beat iteration author Jack Kerouac skilled a flash of enlightenment. A scholar of Buddhist philosophy, Kerouac famous the event as “satori,” a second of life-changing epiphany. the information he won in that rapid is expressed during this quantity of sixty-six prose poems with language that's either specific and cryptic, mystical and simple. His imaginative and prescient declares, “There usually are not folks right here, reader and author, yet one golden eternity.”

inside of those meditations, haikus, and Zen koans is a contemplation of cognizance and impermanence. whereas seriously prompted by way of the shape of Buddhist poems or sutras, Kerouac additionally attracts proposal from a number of non secular traditions, together with Taoism, local American spirituality, and the Catholicism of his adolescence. Far-reaching and inclusive, this assortment unearths the breadth of Kerouac’s poetic sensibility and the interest, observe play, and fierce wish to comprehend the character of lifestyles that make up the foundational ideas of Beat poetry and propel all of Kerouac’s writing.

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We should investigate them like this, in detail. Are fences and walls caused to appear through a process of production,27 or is production caused to appear on the basis of fences and walls? Are they products or are they beyond production? Should we see them as sentient or as insentient? Are they appearing before us now, or are they beyond appearance in the present? In the state like this of mental effort, and of learning in practice, whether it is in the heavens above or in the human world, and whether it appears in this land or in other worlds, the mind of eternal buddhas is fences, walls, tiles, and pebbles.

65 Tenshōkōtōroku, chap. 24. 27 Shōbōgenzō Volume III 66 “Flowers in space” and “flowers of emptiness” are originally the same word, kūge. “Flowers of emptiness” suggests the interpretation of śūnyatā that Master Dōgen has opposed in this chapter—the interpretation that phenomena are devoid of reality. 67 O-kū, “in emptiness,” suggests intellectual effort to relate phenomena to the concept śūnyatā. ” See note 26. ” 69 Jūchi, “from the ground,” “on the ground,” “relying on the ground,” or “on the basis of the ground,” is Master Sekimon’s expression.

We should step ahead and take the broad view. ” We should not engage in idle discussion of existence and nonexistence, confusing the before and after of flower-time. Flowers always seem to be imbued with all colors. [But] colors are not always limited to flowers: other seasons also have blues, yellows, reds, whites, and other colors. Spring brings in flowers, and flowers bring in spring. 37 The poem he makes on realizing the truth is as follows: Brightness is serenely illuminating the whole sands-of-the-Ganges world.

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