The Palace of Minos at Knossos IV.1 by Arthur Evans

By Arthur Evans

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A Stone Statuette of the Goddess as 'Snake MoTPiER' 193 New stone statuette of Snake Goddess ; Existence of larger stone figures ; Excepfreedom of treatment ; Motherly relation of Goddess to Snakes ; Special form of tiara ; Associated Clay figurine with recurved top-knot probably snake-holding Votive bronzes— male adorant and Double Axes ; Date of Statuette of Goddess and associated group M. M. Ill /;-L. M. la; Contemporary with faience figures of ' Temple Repositories ' correspondence in details.

II of M. M. Polychrome Pottery and (d) II Vases : 106 Knossos Pacing Argonaut Relief: Knossos Pacing 120 130 CONTENTS LIST OF Plate XLIII. XXXV SUPPLEMENTARY PLATES Remains of Chryselephantine Figure of Goddess, as ' Lady of Sports ' : (See p. ) Stone Figure of Tiara'd Goddess. (See p. ) House B. (See p. ) A. Store Jar or Pithos from Magazine of M. M. I « House B. (See pp. ) B. Part of M. M. \a Circular Stone Table Large Jar containing Utensils for Domestic Snake Cult. (See p. ) (See p. ) A, B.

Piet de Jong, the Architect of the British School, to execute for me on the basis of these the restored drawing of the entire inner entrance system, here reproduced (Fig. ^ But the magnificence of the whole scheme centred in the fine plastic — compositions in painted stucco equivalent in hardness to the Italian gesso duro that had originally adorned the back walls of both Porticoes. Of — that on the Eastern side only a few scattered fragments were found below. Painted relief compositions of two Porticoes relating to bullsports.

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