The Palace of Minos at Knossos I by Arthur Evans

By Arthur Evans

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With that of a very j'oung boy, presumably his son, and a portrait of a child would hardly have been executed except in the case of one of royal blood nose (Fig. (Fig. we as a There 2, d). traj'ed is then a very strong presumption that the adult head por- the actual likeness of a is Minoan priest-king, whose personal badge, learn from a contemporary prism-seal with the hieroglyphic title in was a seated cat/ suggestive of Egyptian relations. The profile dating from the Second Middle Minoan Period certainly suggests fuller form, before us — — that at any rate the earlier priest-kings themselves belonged to a ruling caste of the old Anatolian type, to which the name Armenoid'^ may be given.

Sketch Plan of part of Ridge of Juktas showing Temenos and Shrine 114, Sketch Plan of early Sanctuary on Mount Juktas 121. Part of Plan of W. Quarter of Palace showing position of Vat Room Deposit 152. Diagrammatic Plan of Palace showing conjectural indications of arrangement Fig. 74. Fig. -5 • and Ben Plan Porch of Palace, Knossos ' Fig. • . Faci/ig . Fig. 163. Plan of 'Sacellum', Phaestos Figs. 164, 165. Plan and Section of Inner Sanctuary of Early Shrine, . Phaestos , 102 105 138 143 147 155 157 17: 203 214 214 214 217 218 219 171a.

Of this underlie the Palace and its immediate forerunners and form, in fact, the Tell on which they stand. These Neolithic strata, going down in places over The 'Teir "°^" 26 feet below the later remains, and representing at a reasonable calculation °og an antiquity of some ten thousand years, illustrate in a continuous course the evolution of the successive phases of that culture and admit already of some palaces brought wath — to the transitional — ' ' ' ' ^ as a Sir William Ridgeway, (7/>. 'more imperative reason " name Minoan"' by Dr.

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