The New Quislings: How the International Left Used the Oslo by Bruce Bawer

By Bruce Bawer

Hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world have been stunned and horrified while a madman named Anders Behring Breivik trigger a bomb in downtown Oslo after which attacked a political summer season camp at the island of Utoya, gunning down defenseless young ones whereas calling out “Gotcha!” as if he have been taking part in a online game. within the instant aftermath of the assault, sooner than the killer’s id used to be recognized, a few humans leaped to the realization that this was once one more act of Islamic terrorism. whilst it grew to become out that the killer was once a local Norwegian—the writer of a rambling manifesto during which he defined himself as a contemporary Knight Templar protecting the values of Christian civilization—the left wing cultural elite in Europe and the united states jumped to delegitimize critics of Islam by means of falsely and cynically linking them to Breivik.

One of these critics was once American author Bruce Bawer, writer of various books concerning the possibility of Islamic radicalism and a type of whose works have been mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto. Bawer has lived in Oslo for a few years and has written largely at the demanding situations of immigration and the unwanted effects of radical Islam on liberal societies. he's additionally a vocal critic of the left wing cultural elite that seeks to lessen this chance and promotes in its place a imaginative and prescient of a harmonious multicultural society in response to tolerance and mutual admire. regrettably, such “tolerance” doesn't expand to critics of Islam or multiculturalism, who're regularly classified nativists and fascists via individuals of the left wing elite.

The left as a rule denies or downplays the non secular reasons of Islamic terrorists whereas insisting that “right wing rhetoric” creates a “climate of hate” which inevitably ends up in violence. therefore the multicultural left in Europe and the USA strove to color Breivik as a pro-Israel Christian terrorist whose insane activities have been inspired if no longer outright prompted by way of conservative authors who warn opposed to the approaching Islamization of Europe. those that had criticized Islam, although legitimately involved they may be with the denial of uncomplicated human rights and person liberties inside of Muslim groups, have been deemed formally anathema. They have been Islamophobes—racists, bigots, extremists. They have been the risk. They have been the danger. that they had fertilized the soil within which the mass assassin had grown. This crusade of vilification used to be waged not only within the eu press yet on American blogs and within the pages of the hot York Times.

In the hot Quislings, Bruce Bawer explores the world-wide reaction to Breivik’s rampage, from the Norwegian cultural elite to Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan and the recent York Times’ Roger Cohen. He offers a desirable portrait of the left-wing cultural elite in Norway—revealed to be the birthplace of political correctness—and exhibits how they've got develop into apologists for radical Islam. Bawer extra argues that they're the heirs of Vidkun Quisling, the Norwegian fascist who administered Norway lower than the heel of the Nazi regime. And he explains how those that oppose open debate and search to manage the dialog approximately Islam pose the best probability to liberal society.

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It is indeed a first rate source for the psychology of genius. Genuine concern for the well-being and salvation of others is mingled with intensive preoccupation of the author with himself. Just as the Arabs succeeded in transmitting their enthusiasm for their beautiful language to the peoples subjected by them, so Muhammad imbued his followers with the same solicitude for himself which engaged his own mind. "He who loves me, loves God"we are in no position to know whether this and similar sayings ascribed to Muhammad in the lJadith are authentic.

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