The Grid Book by Hannah B Higgins

By Hannah B Higgins

Ten grids that modified the area: the emergence and evolution of the main well known visible constitution in Western tradition.

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These double senses of brick—good and bad, crafted and massproduced—remain with us to this day. In its day, the Soviet Union was routinely associated with the image of the utilitarian “red brick”— the color symbolizing “red” communism and the brick its emphasis on industrial labor. ” Both images of the brick—the insidiously industrial and the rustic—are sufficiently established as to have found their way into popular fiction. J. R. R. Tolkien, for example, utilized this dual brick imagery in his novel, The Lord of the Rings.

Inscription on stone about the conquest of Delphi by the Gauls under Brennus in March 278 BCE, followed by the news of the expulsion of the Gauls from Delphi. Photo: Erich Lessing/Art Resource, New York. Archaeological Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.  Sayings like Gilbert Romme’s 1791 “law is the religion of the state” were central to the way in which the French Revolution saw itself. Representations of the Rights of Man and the Constitution on mosaic—curve-topped tablets with squared Roman numbers—were worn as insignia of the French National Legislative Assembly in 1792.

This account demonstrates that standardized writing, squared letters in the form of a grid, and the advent of scripted laws occurred relationally: as the languages merged, stories were canonized, and the appearance of letters was rendered more regular. We should not infer from this, however, that regularity would render the language “dead” for those who read it. To the contrary, this scripted grid consisted only of consonants; vowel sounds were provided by the breath of the reader. Remember that grids are brought to life in their use.

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