The Geology of the Everglades and Adjacent Areas by Edward J. Petuch

By Edward J. Petuch

Meteorology is my curiosity and occupation. Forecasting the prevalence of rain isn't adequate for us. we have to fully grasp the character of the outside that rain falls on, for you to estimate the consequences it's going to have as soon as it arrives. that implies geology enters without delay into our issues.

i presumed I had a superior notion of the geology of Florida. Now i do know in a different way. the tale of Florida over the past 35my is much extra complex than I imagined. Petuch and Roberts have defined this tale in nice element, and so they inform it in a fashion in contrast to the other geology booklet i've got learn.

Their reconstructions of the nation at durations over this period of time are illustrated with "simulated house travel photographs." those have been created through the use of images of analogous terrain present this day, pieced jointly in accordance the geological facts, then altered and retouched by way of electronic options. those illustratins make it so easy to imagine the alterations over the years, and as far as i do know they're unique.

The DVD accompanying the ebook takes the images and captions within the textual content, and concatenates them right into a movie-like series which works even farther. those positive aspects jointly have raised the bar for destiny works of this kind.

i purchased the publication for our place of work down right here in Key West; i'm hoping my colleagues locate it as valuable as I. Now the place am i able to discover a time-machine to take me again a pair million years? THAT Florida feels like a desirable position for crusing, diving and fishing, specifically if you happen to like scallops!


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Containing the now-channelized Caloosahatchee River, the Caloosahatchee Valley separates the Gulf Coastal Lowlands from the Southwestern Slope of the Immokalee Rise and the dense mangrove forests of southern Collier and Monroe Counties. The mangroves, mostly red mangroves (Rhizophora mangle) and black mangroves (Avicennia germinans), form a myriad of small, densely packed islands (the Ten Thousand Islands of Collier and Monroe Counties) and impenetrable shoreline jungles which, together, form the Reticulated Coastal Swamps of northern Florida Bay.

Geomorphologically complex, the Ocala Bank was covered with small coral cays, probably in a linear form like the island chains of the Recent Great Bahama Bank. These island chains later fused together to form a single large island (Orange Island, described later in this chapter). The protected carbonate flats within the central lagoon were of special interest in that they housed some of the first Turtle Grass (Thalassodendron) beds. This important sea grass had just evolved in the early Eocene and made its first appearance in Florida in the Avon Park Formation.

Was peppered with millions of fragments, both from the shattered asteroid and from the impact ejecta debris cloud. The main crater, itself, was over 80 km in diameter at impact. The disintegrating asteroid fragment produced not only an initial blast-splash of over 40 km in height, but also tremendous steam explosions and a wide zone of concentric fractures. Today, the resultant impact structure is over 128 km in diameter (Poag, 1999). Numerous suspected astroblemes in the Carolinas, such as Lake Waccamaw, may prove to have been formed by smaller fragments from the disintegrating larger body.

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