The Function of Newspapers in Society: A Global Perspective by Shannon E. Martin, David A. Copeland

By Shannon E. Martin, David A. Copeland

The death of the newspaper has lengthy been envisioned. but newspapers proceed to outlive globally regardless of pageant from radio, tv, and now the web, simply because they serve middle social services in profitable cultures. preliminary chapters of this ebook offer an outline of the improvement of recent newspapers. next chapters study specific societies and geographic areas to work out what universal features exist one of the makes use of and types of newspapers and people artifacts that hold the identify newspaper yet don't meet the generally accredited definition. the belief means that newspapers are of such middle price to a winning society well timed and simply available information product will be triumphant regardless of, or even as a result of, adjustments in examining conduct and know-how.

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Commercial advertising has been much less robust than in the West, so the press has limited commercial potential, and private individuals have lacked the interest or resources to invest in print media. As a result, when private newspapers did appear, they faced economic difficulties that they generally resolved by seeking a financial patron, either a government, a political party, or a politically ambitious individual or family, which affected the editorial content of the publication. Financing by governments took several forms, including direct payments, advertising, Arab Cultures and Newspapers 21 and newsprint subsidies.

A measure of this resiliency is embedded in each of the four typologies that have characterized newspapers in African societies. The respective typologies will be discussed in turn. THE PRESS AS VANGUARD The most celebrated and perhaps most assertive role that African newspapers have filled has been that of the vanguard, of militant advocates ahead of their time, pressing for political change, notably during the period of anticolonial nationalism. While it would be mistaken to say that newspapers were decisive variables in Africa’s prolonged struggle for self-rule,19 they were salient features of numerous and disparate nationalist movements.

PRINT MEDIA IN THE INDEPENDENT ARAB STATES After World War II, as Arab self-determination grew with the end of colonialism and the rise of Arab nationalism, the new Arab leaders recognized that controlling the press was politically useful in establishing and maintaining their authority. At that time, Arab governments tended to seek to increase their influence and control over the press as they found themselves in competition with each other and with opposition elements in their own countries. The electronic media became particularly interesting targets of ambitious political elements at this time, as radio expanded its reach and television was starting to become popular.

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