The Electric Motor and The Transmission of Power by Edwin James Houston

By Edwin James Houston

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THE TRANSMISSION OF POWER. The by a pipe resistance offered 39 to the flow of water through it increases with the length of the pipe and also with the narrowness of its A bore. long, narrow pipe has a higher resistance, and permits less water to flow through it in a given time, and under a given pressure, than a short pipe of large diameter. In the same the resistance of an electric wire way, increases with its length and with narrowness. A resistance, as compared with a its long, fine wire has a high short, thick Thus, one foot of very fine copper wire, No.

Is commonly only This comparatively low efficiency of a steam engine and boiler is due to the combination One of two very of these lies in the ture, or the different causes. working tempera- difference in temperature between the steam admitted to the engine and the steam leaving the engine. It is a law of nature that the amount of heat which can be mechanically realized from the liberation, during combustion, of a chemical energy, of quantity depends upon the working temperatures. With the working temperatures which are given imposed by practical considerations in the THE TRANSMISSION OF POWER.

F. of a blue-stone voltaic cell, such as is ohm of is volt is, commonly used is The two miles in telegraphy. the resistance of about ordinary trolley wire, and the ampere about twice as strong a current as is ordinarily used in a 16 candle-power, 110volt, incandescent lamp. The dynamo-electric machine is the practical source of the powerful electric in common use. currents that are pw ^* ^f% fy PPr^r-^. ^ /r-> can be extracted to give an Dynamos fronT^fe^Mi^ E. M. , varying The volts. 10,000 street railroad The E.

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