The Comparative Anatomy of Neurons: Homologous Neurons in by D. Kent Morest, Jeffery A. Winer

By D. Kent Morest, Jeffery A. Winer

6 Acknowledgments 87 7 References 88 topic Index ninety five VIII Abbreviations A cerebral aqueduct anterior deep dorsal nucleus, CGM advert AP anterior pretectal nucleus AR auditory radiation ASD anterior superficial dorsal nucleus, CGM BA brachium, accent (medial) nucleus, IC BIC brachium of inferior colliculus BSC brachium of more advantageous colliculus cerebellum CB CC caudal cortex, IC CF cuneate fasciculus CG important grey CGL lateral geniculate physique medial geniculate physique CGM commissure of inferior colliculus CIC CIN critical intralaminar nucleus CL lateral a part of commissural nucleus, IC CM imperative medial nucleus CN crucial nucleus, IC twine spinal wire CP cerebral peduncle CSC commissure, SC CUN cuneiform quarter, IC D dorsal nucleus, CGM DA anterior dorsal nucleus, CGM DC dorsal cortex, IC DD deep dorsal nucleus, CGM DI dorsal intercollicular sector DM dorsomedial nucleus, IC DMCP decussation of improved cerebellar peduncle DS superficial dorsal nucleus, CGM EYE enucleation FX fornix GN gracile nucleus HIT habenulo-interpeduncular tract inferior colliculus IC III oculomotor nerve IN interpeduncular nucleus L posterior limitans nucleus LC laterocaudal nucleus, IC LI lateral intercollicular quarter LL lateral lemniscus lateral mesencephalic nucleus LMN LN lateral nucleus, IC LP lateral posterior nucleus LPc caudal a part of lateral posterior nucleus LV pars lateralis, ventral nucleus, CGM M medial department, CGM MB mammillary our bodies center cerebellar peduncle MCP MES V mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal tract MI medial intercollicular region ML medial lemniscus MLF medial longitudinal fasciculus MT mammillothalamic tract MZ marginal quarter, CGM OC oculomotor nuclei occipital cortex lesion OCC OT optic tract

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1 Slender type II axons without collaterals. 2 Thick fibers with large varicosities (small arrowhead), probably from principal cells. 3 Sinuous axon. 4 Thick type IV axon with collaterals of varying sizes (hollow arrowheads). 5 Large, probably peri-somatic, terminals of a type III axon (see also Fig. 18, 2). 44-day-old cat, rapid Golgi method. A. 32, x tOOO. (Modified from Winer and Morest 1983a: Fig. 5 Medial Division A sample of the large variety of neurons in the opossum medial division is shown in Fig.

Schematic summary of dorsal nucleus neurons compared in the opossum (A, C, E, G) and the cat (B, D, F, H). Conventions as in Fig. 33 .

B The three-dimensional shapes of the dendritic fields of the same neuronal types, showing the relative extents to which the spherical, discoid, and cylindrical forms are expressed. The metric in both graphs is ordinal and implies that the minimum polygon connecting the hollow symbols (opossum neurons) might represent a less specialized pattern than that circumscribed by the solid symbols (cat neurons). The corresponding pairs of types of neurons in the two species are thought to represent homologous neurons 47 A Ventral Nucleus Cells and Axons opossum B bushy tufted cell C Fig.

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