The Civil War. Book III by Julius Caesar

By Julius Caesar

Третья книга «Записок о гражданской войне» на латыни с попутным английским подстрочником, примечаниями и картами включает следующие эпизоды военного конфликта между Юлием Цезарем и Гнеем Помпеем.

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Iamque frumenta maturescere incipiebant atque ipsa spes inopiam sustentabat, quod celeriter se habituros copiam confidebant; crebraeque voces militum in vigiliis colloquiisque audiebantur prius se cortice ex arboribus victuros, quam Pompeium e manibus dimissuros. libenter etiam ex perfugis cognoscebant equos eorum tolerari, reliqua vero iumenta interisse; uti autem ipsos valetudine non bona cum angustiis loci et odore taetro ex multitudine cadaverum et cotidianis laboribus, insuetos operum, turn aquae summa inopia adfectos.

2 3 4 5 41. After Caesar had found out that Pompey was near Asparagium, he set out in that direction with his army and having taken on the way a town of the Parthini in which Pompey had a garrison, reached Pompey on the third day. He made camp close to him, and on the following day led all his forces out, drew up his line of battle, and offered Pompey the chance of a decisive engagement. When he realised that the latter was going to stay put, he led his army back to camp and judged that he ought to adopt a different plan.

2 3 4 5 59. Erant apud Caesarem in equitum numero Allobroges duo fratres, Roucillus et Egus, Adbudlli filii, qui prindpatum in dvitate multis annis obtinuerat, singulari virtute homines, quorum opera Caesar omnibus Gallicis bellis optima fortissimaque erat usus. his domi ob has caiisas amplissimos magistratus mandaverat atque eos extra ordinem in senatum legendos curaverat, agrosque in Gallia ex hostibus captos praemiaque rei pecuniariae magna tribuerat locupletesque ex egentibus fecerat hi propter virtutem non solum apud Caesarem in honore erant, sed etiam apud exerdtum can habebantur; sed freti amidtia Caesaris et stulta ac barbara arrogantia elati despidebant suos stipendiumque equitum fraudabant et praedam omnem domum avertebant.

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