The British Periodical Press and the French Revolution, by S. Andrews

By S. Andrews

This research demanding situations the traditional polarities used to explain British politics of the 1790s; Pitt as opposed to Fox, Burke as opposed to Paine, Church as opposed to Dissent, ruling classification as opposed to operating classification, Jacobin as opposed to anti-Jacobin. Such polarities have been sedulously promoted via Pitt's wartime govt, which utilized 'Jacobin' shamelessly to all its critics and rivals, and hence foreshadowed the McCarthyite tactic of guilt through organization. the writer seeks to make the fewer strident yet extra persuasive modern voices back audible. he is taking heavily those that puzzled the need for Burke's campaign to damage the French republic, and who deplored Britain's alliance with the partitioners of Poland.

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Between 16 November and 3 December, not only did the National Convention decide to put Louis XVI on trial, but it ordered the Austrians to be pursued wherever they might retreat, it incorporated Savoy into France, it issued its Fraternal Decree to any country wishing to overthrow a despotic government, and it proclaimed freedom of navigation throughout the Scheldt estuary. The opening of the Scheldt provided Pitt with his casus belli in the timehallowed principle of the balance of power and the sanctity of treaties.

The preface announced that the death of James Dodsley, the original proprietor and publisher, had enabled his executors to regain control of the publication. The volume for 1791 had been published by ‘gentlemen with whom we have no concern’, and from whom a volume for 1792 was still promised. 47 In spite of this promise, the volume for the year 1794 did not appear until 1799. Volumes for 1795, 1796, 1797 and 1798 were, however, all published in 1800. The Critical Review had been scathing about the 1791 volume published by Rivingtons in 1795, regretting that Dodsley’s Annual Register 40 British Periodical Press and the French Revolution had since 1789 ‘changed its tone of politics; and, instead of the liberal vehicle of public information’, had become ‘the dull and prostituted instrument of ministry’.

From Sydney, Locke, Trenchard, Lord Somers, &c. That it is by no means an obscure club, since it numbers among its members, the dukes of Norfolk and Richmond, the earl of Effingham, Sir W. Jones, Mr Sheridan and a number of respectable members of parliament. 15 Noting, supposedly to Burke’s discomfiture, that ‘two of his boldest adversaries are women’, the Analytical commends Mary Wollstonecraft’s reply to Burke. 16 Wollstonecraft, friend and neighbour of Dr Price, championed the ‘rights of man’ before Paine appropriated the title.

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