The Battle of the Alamo (American Moments) by Cory Gideon Gunderson

By Cory Gideon Gunderson

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Houston had defeated Stephen F. Austin in the election. 34 Public Treaty of Velasco The Treaties of Velasco Article 1st General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna agrees that he will not take up arms, nor will he exercise his influence to cause them to be taken up against the people of Texas, during the present war of Independence. Article 2nd All hostilities between the mexican and texian troops will cease immediately both on land and water. Article 3rd The mexican troops will evacuate the Territory of Texas, passing to the other side of the Rio Grande del Norte.

She said, “As battles go, San Jacinto was but a skirmish; but with what mighty consequences! The lives and the liberty of a few hundred pioneers at stake and an empire won! ” American Moments FINAL DEFEAT The Mexican defeat in the Battle of San Jacinto was the final military event of the Texas Revolution. The Mexican government had little choice now. It had to negotiate with the Texans. The result was the two Treaties of Velasco, which were created on May 14, 1836. The first treaty is commonly called the Public Treaty of Velasco.

S. Congress ratified Texas into the Union, making Texas the twenty-eighth state. President Martin Van Buren President John Tyler American Moments REMEMBER THE ALAMO The stand made by the soldiers of the Alamo bought the Texas government more time to establish itself. The government was able to choose independence. It was also able to form a revolutionary government and draft a constitution. Consider what might have happened if Santa Anna had been able to attack the Texas settlements sooner than he did.

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