Technology and Reality by James K. Feibleman (auth.)

By James K. Feibleman (auth.)

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The inductive generalizations are reported in terms of hypotheses, which are universal material propositions. In pure mathematics the situation is simpler: all mathematical equations are in effect universal [onnal propositions. From singular material propositions to universal material propositions to universal formal propositions, there is an increase in the degree of generality, marked by references to increasingly larger areas of spatial occupancy. Let us look at the difference more closely. A 'singular material proposition' is one which refers to an individual material thing.

Forms are imperishable, and even when not appearing, always may appear. Moreover , forms are always the same and their appearance in a number of things is therefore also the same. The roundness of a round thing is the same form when it appears in something else round, just as we saw in the case of qUalities that a special shade of blue is the same blue wherever and whenever it appears in a particular. (c) Relations are the connections between particulars, and may be internal or external: internal when they connect parts in a whole, external when they connect wholes.

We do not understand the method completely unless we include the role of intuition at every stage. 40 The scientific method is a method of discovery. What is it, exactly, that is discovered? A rough survey discloses that there are eight different kinds of knowledge which can and often do result from the application - or repeated application - ofthe method. These are: empirical systems, empirical areas, entities, laws, processes, formulas, rules and procedural principles. I plan to look more closely at only two of these: entities and laws.

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