System level ESD co-design by Charvaka Duvvury, Harald Gossner

By Charvaka Duvvury, Harald Gossner

"Demystifies the idea that of system-level ESD and information its distinction from the normal part point ESD layout and checking out. Describes the safety components and designs and specializes in the "co-design", an optimization technique to deal with either concerns within the similar layout space"--


an efficient and value effective defense of digital method opposed to ESD pressure pulses laid out in IEC 61000-4-2 is paramount for any process design. Read more...

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Even though CDM is the essential parameter for all production-related ESD failures, CDM threshold data typically gets little attention, when system ESD immunity is rated. The physical argument is that a typical system ESD irreversible destructive fail is found to be thermal in nature. This is reproduced best by long ESD pulses such as HBM in the regime >100 ns. CDM type of failures mostly result in dielectric breakdown. , 2006; Smedes and Guitard, 2007). However, there is no indication yet that the device-level CDM would be a consistent, reliable predictor of behavior in the system level test.

This change in the ESD target levels is concurrent with the much improved basic factory control methods that have become common across the globe. As a result the reduction of safe levels for HBM to 1 kV and CDM to 250 V have become clearly established (Industry Council on ESD Target Levels, 2010c). The basic ESD controls that make this reduction possible include personnel grounding, grounded work surfaces, and safe packaging, which are necessary for protection against HBM events. On top of these, control of insulators, control of charged boards and devices during processing, and avoiding metal-to-metal discharges will also provide protection for CDM events.

The operational conditions of the DUT are not specified in detail. The device should be tested under the typical operational conditions. Thus, application-specific choice of the operational conditions has to be made, which leaves room for interpretation. Taking the example of a mobile phone, various conditions can be considered which differ in terms of ground connection, wiring of connected devices, and failure mode. The device can be tested with and without connection to a charger. Also, a headset has to be connected to the phone by a headset cable.

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