Stephen King (Who Wrote That?) by Michael Gray Baughan

By Michael Gray Baughan

Stephen King started writing and filing tales for booklet as a tender teen. It wasn't until eventually 1973 while he used to be 26 years outdated, even if, that his first novel, 'Carrie', was once permitted through a writer. This publication explores his course from a formative years of poverty to luck as a author and director.

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Readers were too busy devouring The Dead Zone. 9 while he was bachman Between continued work on Danse Macabre and Pet Sematary and a promotional book tour for The Dead Zone, King somehow found time to crank out both another novel and his first screenplay. The novel was titled Christine and told the very American tale of a teenage boy’s love affair with his car. The twist was that this particular 1958 Plymouth Fury happened to be possessed. King also infused the book with his passion for classic rock-and-roll music, which he plays loudly while he writes as a kind of insulation against outside distraction.

Although King disapproved of the changes director Stanley Kubrick made, the film is considered a masterpiece of the horror film genre. Pictured in the foreground, the actor Danny Lloyd, whose character Danny Torrence has the ability to “shine”—or to see and communicate with the dead, including those twin girls at the end of the hall. Ledge” into Penthouse. Neither exactly qualified as the vanguard of literary publishing, but they were much more mainstream and lucrative than Cavalier. Back on Track The Shining was published in early 1977 and quickly became King’s first hardback bestseller.

Carrie White is a sadly misused teenager . . ”5 About the same time Carrie was published, Doubleday bought ‘Salem’s Lot and subsequently sold the paperback rights to NAL for $500,000. In hindsight, it is clear that Doubleday took advantage of the situation by offering its new star author relatively small advances and then 37 38 Stephen King keeping 50 percent of the paperback proceeds, but at the time, King was too green and too happy with his newfound success to quibble over the contract. Instead, fueled by a newfound feeling of career momentum, he plowed straight ahead.

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