Step by Step Polymer Clay in a Day by Emma Ralph

By Emma Ralph

Более 15 самостоятельных проектов для начинающих и не только. Базовые техники и простые украшения для дома из пластики: кольца для салфеток, узоры для бокалов, коробочки... А также заколки для волос, серьги и другие украшения. Пошаговые инструкции и красочные иллюстрации помогут в освоении этого набирающего популярность вида рукоделия.

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Atlatl 120 33. Insects as Food 122 34. Cereals, Flours, Breads, and Cakes 125 35. The New England Clambake 130 Part V Recreation 36. Board Games 134 37. String Figure Games 140 38. Tricks and Puzzles 151 39. Dental Pictography 155 40. Riddles 157 41. Mankuntu Drum 162 42. Zithers 165 43. Wine and Beer 167 44. Native American Sports 173 45. Head Shrinking 179 Part VI. Societies and Customs 46. Ideas of Beauty 184 47. Sign Language 188 48. Figuring Your Family 197 49. Will Your Marriage Last? 201 50 Witchcraft and Sorcery 207 Appendix A.

1. Make the reel from four sticks and one rounded pole. Lash, nail, or screw the four frame sticks together. Cut a round hole in each side stick. Insert the pole through the hole, making sure that it turns easily. Attach the fibers to the reel by tying one end around the pole and winding the reel. · Wind the fibers (two at a time) off the reel onto round poles, each about 12 inches long. Leave the fibers tied at one end to the reel pole. Working away from the reel, twine the fibers together by twisting the sticks, one to the right, the other to the left.

2, the passage can be either straight, curved or T-shaped. If T-shaped, either end of the T can be blocked to keep out the wind. · You can add some light to the igloo by setting a window in the south side. If freshwater ice is available, cut a small, rectangular piece 2 to 6 inches thick. Cut a square hole in the south wall of the igloo, making sure that the hole is smaller than the ice slab. Place the slab over the hole and press the trim until it fits tightly. Pack the seams with snow. Do not use seawater ice, as it is often green and does not let much light pass through.

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