Spectral methods of automorphic forms by Henryk Iwaniec

By Henryk Iwaniec

Automorphic varieties are one of many vital issues of analytic quantity thought. in truth, they sit down on the confluence of research, algebra, geometry, and quantity idea. during this publication, Henryk Iwaniec once more monitors his penetrating perception, strong analytic concepts, and lucid writing variety. the 1st variation of this quantity used to be an underground vintage, either as a textbook and as a revered resource for effects, principles, and references. The book's popularity sparked a turning out to be curiosity within the mathematical neighborhood to deliver it again into print. The AMS has replied that decision with the booklet of this moment version. within the e-book, Iwaniec treats the spectral concept of automorphic varieties because the research of the gap $L^2 (H\Gamma)$, the place $H$ is the higher half-plane and $\Gamma$ is a discrete subgroup of volume-preserving adjustments of $H$. He combines a number of strategies from analytic quantity idea. one of the themes mentioned are Eisenstein sequence, estimates for Fourier coefficients of automorphic varieties, the idea of Kloosterman sums, the Selberg hint formulation, and the speculation of small eigenvalues. Henryk Iwaniec was once presented the 2002 AMS Cole Prize for his basic contributions to analytic quantity conception. additionally on hand from the AMS by means of H. Iwaniec is issues in Classical Automorphic varieties, quantity 17 within the Graduate experiences in arithmetic sequence. The publication is designed for graduate scholars and researchers operating in analytic quantity idea

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6. Basic estimates. 51 Proof. Conjugating the group, we can assume that a = ∞, σa = 1 and Γa = B. Then the fundamental domain of Γa is the strip P = {z = x + iy : 0 < x < 1, y > 0} . Let F be the standard polygon of Γ, so F consists of points in P of deformation less than 1. For the proof we may assume that z ∈ F . Then for any γ = ∗ ∗ c d ∈ Γ with c > 0 the point γz lies on the isometric circle |cz+d| = 1 or in its interior. In any case we have |cz + d| ≥ 1. Since Im γz = y|cz + d|−2 > Y , this implies y > Y , c < y −1/2 Y −1/2 , |cx + d| < y 1/2 Y −1/2 .

Bg , E1 , . . , E , P1 , . . , Ph satisfying the relations [A1 , B1 ] · · · [Ag , Bg ]E1 · · · E P1 · · · Ph = 1 , mj Ej = 1, where Aj , Bj are hyperbolic motions, [Aj , Bj ] stands for the commutator, g is the genus of Γ\H, Ej are elliptic motions of order mj ≥ 2, Pj are parabolic motions and h is the number of inequivalent cusps. 3. Basic examples 43 The symbol (g; m1 , . . 7) 1− j=1 1 mj +h= |F | . 7) guarantees the existence of Γ with the given signature. Of all the finite volume groups, the most attractive ones for number theory are the arithmetic groups.

7. Eigenfunctions of Δ 23 We extend Vs (z) to the lower half-plane H by requiring the same symmetry as for Ws (z), and we do not define Vs (z) on the real line. 38) Vs (z) ∼ e(x) e2πy , as y → +∞; therefore, they are linearly independent. They both will appear in the Fourier expansion of the automorphic Green function. Next we shall perform the harmonic analysis on H in geodesic polar coordinates (r, ϕ). Recall the connection z = k(ϕ) e−r i . 39) for all k ∈ K , f (kz) = χ(k) f (z) , where χ : K −→ C is the character given by (for m ∈ Z) χ(k) = e2imθ , if k = cos θ − sin θ sin θ cos θ .

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