Spall Fracture by Tarabay Antoun, Donald R. Curran, Sergey V. Razorenov, Lynn

By Tarabay Antoun, Donald R. Curran, Sergey V. Razorenov, Lynn Seaman, Gennady I. Kanel, Alexander V. Utkin (auth.)

Shock-induced dynamic fracture of solids is of functional significance in lots of parts of fabrics technological know-how, chemical physics, engineering, and geophysics. This ebook, by means of a global roster of authors, includes a scientific account of the present kingdom of analysis within the box, integrating the massive volume of labor performed within the former Soviet Union with the paintings performed within the West.
Topics coated comprise: Wave propagation, experimental suggestions and measurements, spallation of fabrics of alternative periods (metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers), constitutive types of fracture techniques, and desktop simulations.

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Rarefaction behind a shock, causing attenuation. 2. 4 illustrates the waves caused by a gradually rising stress wave in a material that stiffens with compression (the usual case). As the pressure rises, the corresponding characteristic lines increase in velocity so the C+ characteristics are not parallel. When the C+ characteristics intersect, they produce a rearward-facing disturbance described by C− characteristic and a forward-moving shock with a velocity that is intermediate to the velocities of the interacting characteristics.

6. 2. Estimating the Lagrangian Sound Velocity from Hugoniot Data Sound velocities at high pressures are often necessary for planning shockwave experiments and for interpreting experimental results. An estimate of the sound velocity in a shock-loaded material can be derived using the Hugoniot. 13) where the derivatives ( dp du) S and ( dp du) H are evaluated along the isentrope and Hugoniot, respectively. The Lagrangian sound velocity in shockcompressed matter can now be estimated using the results in Eq.

This trend continues until the peak compressive stress is equal in magnitude to the peak tensile stress. 5. , plastic flow, phase changes, chemical reactions, evolution of damage) are in general rate processes that depend on the temperature of the material.

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