Solutions Manual for Modern Organic Synthesis by Michael H. Nantz, Hasan Palandoken, Visit Amazon's George S.

By Michael H. Nantz, Hasan Palandoken, Visit Amazon's George S. Zweifel Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, George S. Zweifel,

This complement comprises the end-of-chapter difficulties from the most textual content, designated answer units, and an additional portion of related difficulties for grad scholars to review.

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One-Atom Insertion Procedures tion product, 11/130, was reduced to 11/131, and the latter was transformed to muscone in several steps. 2]octanone (11/132) into the lactam, 11/133, demonstrates that the yield depends very much on the reagents [94] [95] [96]. Several other one-nitrogen-atom expansion reactions are known beside the two nitrogen insertion reactions linked with the names of Schmidt and Beckmann. These reactions are summarized together with references in Schemes 11/20 to 11/23. [97] [99] •>• N-NaN 11/134 11/135 0 11/136 X = H, Aryl , SCH3 , NR2 R = H,CH3,C 2 H 5 ,C 6 H 5 m © y N(C2H5)2 • 2H 2 N-S-C-N(CH 3 ) 2 CIO4© 11/137 S xx "N(CH 3 ) 2 897.

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