Solar Cell Nanotechnology by Atul Tiwari

By Atul Tiwari

Targeting the state-of-the-art applied sciences on hand within the box of photovoltaics, Solar phone Nanotechnology explores the most recent examine and improvement actions on the topic of natural, inorganic, and hybrid fabrics getting used in sunlight mobile production. numerous chapters are devoted to explaining the basics of photovoltaics and nanomaterials used in the producing of sunlight cells. different crucial topics, akin to microcontact printing, plasmonic mild trapping, outside and indoor potency, luminescent sunlight concentrators, and photon administration in photovoltaics, are comprehensively reviewed. Written for a vast viewers, this is often a necessary e-book for engineers, nanotechnologists, and fabrics scientists.

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Rate of degradation as studied by Kumar et al. depends upon different solvents used for desired morphology control [57]. Their work shows the choice of solvents could broaden the effective density of states which then controls the rate of degradation of active layer. Rate of degradation also depends upon regioregularity and molecular packing [58]. Ebadian et al. used 94% and 98% regioregular (RR) P3HT and found that although lower RR P3HT initially has lower PCE compared to higher RR P3HT, after a long period of time lower RR P3HT-based devices showed higher PCE, indicating electron charge transport as the major factor in determining the degradation rate [59].

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