Sketches of the Nineteenth Century: European Journalism and by Martina Lauster (auth.)

By Martina Lauster (auth.)

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Aussi, depuis 1789, la caricature a été un besoin pour notre pays. ], c’est que le prix de la gravure interdisait cette spéculation. Ce n’étaient pas les rieurs qui manquaient aux estampes, mais les estampes aux rieurs. ] En soutenant notre entreprise, les abonnés s’associeront à une œuvre nationale. En effet, aujourd’hui, les arts n’ont que très peu de salaire à attendre du pouvoir. Le peuple sait, seul, solder les artistes avec magnificence. En Angleterre, une idée heureuse, une juste satire sont accueillies par tout le monde; et la plus faible somme, mille fois donnée, y récompense largement l’artiste ou l’industriel.

Oh, what fun! Tom, have you got sevenpence? ’ said Tom, surlily, ‘D’ye call that news? What do I care for your lords and your men of fashion? Crocky! What the devil is Crocky to me? ’ cried the valet, astonished. 5 Sketching technique turns a past-tense narrative (the experience of the lord walking down the Strand) into a dialogue scene and thereby into an observed present. The reader’s imagination is guided to the two characters gazing at the board, then to the eye-catching writing on the board, and finally to the two figures themselves who are characterised by their speech – the snobbish, politically uninterested servant of the fashionable elite, expressing himself in posh language and flaunting his familiarity with high-society club life and scandal, versus the cocky working man whose ungrammatical English belies his political nous.

What attracts his attention is the advertisement of a ‘sheet’, in other words, of a one-page publication which is exempt from the tax,7 publishing the matter-of-fact or instructive kind of articles (entitled ‘Advice’, ‘Report’, ‘Letter’) that communicate ‘useful knowledge’ to the ‘Operatives’. To each brother the ‘news’ contained in the paper of his choice is an important means to pursue his social interest. While it is the valet’s interest to identify himself with a class to which he does not belong, mainly by cultivating a manner of exclusiveness, the mechanic’s interest is to consolidate his sense of class identity as a man of ‘labour’.

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