Shobogenzo: The True Dharma-Eye Treasury - Volume 1 (Bdk by Dogen

By Dogen

Shobogenzo: the genuine Dharma-Eye Treasury (Taisho 2582) is the masterwork of the thirteenth-century Zen grasp Eihei Dogen, founding father of the Soto sect of jap Zen Buddhism. This reprint variation offers quantity 1 of the exemplary translation via Gudo Wafu Nishijima and Chodo go of the total ninety-five-chapter variation of the Shobogenzo, compiled through the Zen grasp Hangyo Kozen within the overdue 17th century. quantity I comprises chapters 1-21.

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In his later years he made a poem in which he expressed himself as follows: When official business allows, I like to sit in zazen. I have seldom slept with my side touching a bed. Though I have now become prime minister, My fame as a veteran practitioner has spread across the four seas. This was somebody with no time free from official duties but, because his will to the Buddha’s truth was deep, he was able to attain the truth. We should reflect on ourselves [in comparison] with him, and we should reflect on the present [in comparison] with those days.

79 According to that non-Buddhist view, there is one spiritual intelligence existing within our body. When this intelligence meets conditions, it can discriminate between pleasant and unpleasant and discriminate between right and wrong, and it can know pain and irritation and know suffering and pleasure—all [these] are abilities of the spiritual intelligence. When this body dies, however, the spirit casts off the skin and is reborn on the other side; so even though it seems to die here it lives on there.

5 In the state of zazen, our consciousness is whole. 6 “Effort” is kufu; “pursuing the truth” is bendō, as in the chapter title Bendōwa. Master Dōgen used the words kufu-bendō to express zazen itself. , ten thousand dharmas; in other words, all things and phenomena. See note 4. 8 Shutsuro. ” The Fukanzazengi contains the phrase shusshin no katsuro, “the vigorous road of the body getting out,” that is, the state of vigorous action in which our body gets free from intellectual worries and sensory attachments.

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