Shipping Interdiction and the Law of the Sea by Douglas Guilfoyle

By Douglas Guilfoyle

During this comparative examine of delivery interdiction, Douglas Guilfoyle considers the kingdom motion of preventing, looking out and arresting overseas flag vessels and group at the excessive seas in situations similar to piracy, slavery, drug smuggling, fisheries administration, migrant smuggling, the proliferation of guns of mass destruction and maritime terrorism. Interdiction increases very important questions of jurisdiction, together with: how permission to board a international vessel is got; even if boarding country or flag nation legislation applies in the course of the interdiction (or even if either apply); and which nation has jurisdiction to prosecute any crimes came upon. ideas at the use of strength and security of human rights, reimbursement for wrongful interdiction and the prestige of boarding nation officials below flag nation legislation also are tested. A unified and useful view is taken of the legislation appropriate throughout latest interdiction regimes in accordance with an intensive survey of nation perform.

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