Sharks of the Open Ocean by Merry D. Camhi, Ellen K. Pikitch, Elizabeth A. Babcock

By Merry D. Camhi, Ellen K. Pikitch, Elizabeth A. Babcock

This crucial and interesting identify represents the 1st authoritative quantity focussed on pelagic (open ocean) sharks as a gaggle. almost each pelagic shark specialist on this planet has contributed to this landmark ebook together with the most recent information and information on pelagic shark biology, fisheries, administration, and conservation. Pelagic sharks face extraordinary degrees of exploitation in all of the world's oceans via either direct fisheries and by-catch, and powerful administration for those species is contingent upon good technological know-how and knowledge, which this booklet brings jointly for the 1st time. All these excited by shark biology should have a duplicate of this booklet.

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