Sequoyah. Native American Scholar by C Ann Fitterer

By C Ann Fitterer

A quick creation to the lifetime of the Cherokee Indian who created a style for his humans to write down and browse their very own language.

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This sad part of American history is known as the Trail of Tears. ",0 Oo'BH LINE c. 1770 Sequoyah is born in a C herokee village in the Smoky Mountains o f what is now Tenn essee. His moth er is C herokee and his father is most likely a white trader nam ed N athaniel Gist. S. Arm y in the War of 18 12 and th e Creek War, a battle that took pl ace during the W ar of 1812. 1821 Sequoyah completes his syllabary of the C herokee language. H e and his daughter Ah-yoka travel to G eo rgia to prese nt the syllabary to the C hero kee Tribal Co uncil.

Books Cwiklik, Robert. Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet. }. : Silve r Burdett Press, 1980 . Kl ausner, Janet, and Duane H . Ki ng. Sequoyah's Gift: A Portrait of the Cherokee Leader. New Yo rk: H arp erCollins Chi ldren's Books, 1999 . O ppenheim, Joann e. Sequoyah, Cherokee Hero. }. : Troll C o mmuni cati o ns, 1980 . Roo p, Peter, and Co nni e Roop . Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves. New Yo rk: H arp erCollins C hildren's Boo ks, 1992. Places to Visit or Contact Sequoyah Birthplace Museum To find out about visiting Tennessee's only Indian-operated historical attraction 576 Highway 360, C itico Road Vo nore, T N 37885 423 -884-6246 Museum of the Cherokee Indian To see original material in the Cherokee syLlabary and thousands of rare photograp hs and books P.

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