Sequence Stratigraphy in British Geology (Geological Society by S. P. Hesselbo, D. N. Parkinson

By S. P. Hesselbo, D. N. Parkinson

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References AITKEN, J. E & FLINT, S. S. 1994. High-frequency sequences and the nature of incised-valley fills in fluvial systems of the Breathitt Group (Pennsylvanian), Appalachian foreland basin, eastern Kentucky. In: DALRYMPLE,R. , BOYD,R. & ZAITLIN, B. A. (eds) Incised-valley Systems: Origin and Sedimentary Sequences. Society for Sedimentary Geology, Special Publications, 51,353-368. -& -1995. The application of high-resolution sequence stratigraphy to fluvial systems: a case study from the Upper Carboniferous Breathitt Group, eastern Kentucky, USA.

Sketch sections to illustrate the two cases of non-incision and incision in geological situations where fluviatile channel or fluvio-deltaic channel sand bodies rest with erosion on coastal, delta front and pro-delta deposits. In section A 'normal' coastal progradation from left to right results in diachronous facies boundaries. The channel facies are 'genetically related' to the coastal delta front facies and are not incised, although local erosion due to scour will create some stratigraphical omission.

Incised valleys have limited lateral extent because of the slowness of valley side slope retreat. Successive nodal avulsions upstream of the highest point of channel incision may progressively neutralize the effects of sea-level fall in younger channel courses. It is also possible that incision is reduced or eliminated by rivers with high sediment transfer coefficients: it is shown that rivers may 'keep up' with sea-level fall under certain circumstances, constructing a prograding alluvial plain over a previous ramp-like shelf with little slope differential.

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