Se soucier du monde : Trois méditations sur le bouddhisme et by Eric Rommeluère

By Eric Rommeluère

Remark le Bouddha envisage-t-il l’action dans le monde ? Nous recommande-t-il de nous détacher du monde ou de nous y engager ? Y a-t-il une morale ou une éthique dans le bouddhisme ? Dans les trois essais de ce livre, Éric Rommeluère discover toutes ces questions d’une façon originale et moderne. Méditant journey à travel los angeles signification du langage, du karma et de l. a. morale dans les enseignements du Bouddha, il nous conduit dans un chemin de vie fait d’amour et de sagesse. Le souci du monde, dit-il, est l. a. clé de voûte de tous ces enseignements. Dans le prolongement de ses livres précédents, Éric Rommeluère compose, ici, un petit traité de philosophie pratique riche en views novatrices. (José Leroy, philosophe, auteur du Petit traité de los angeles connaissance de soi).

Éric Rommeluère est un enseignant bouddhiste formé dans l. a. culture zen. Il est l’auteur de nombreux articles et essais où il discover les enseignements du Bouddha, leurs interprétations et leurs diversifications en Occident. Il a notamment publié Les bouddhas naissent dans le feu (Seuil, 2007), Le bouddhisme n’existe pas (Seuil, 2011) et plus récemment Le bouddhisme engagé (Seuil, 2013).

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For all of them want to obtain happiness, or Bliss. But his means is unwise. Because of his ignorance he does not know what will bring him to Bliss, the goal of all men. ligion in this obvious. For THE SCIENCE OF RELIGION 15 Thus, in one sense every man in the world is religious, inasmuch as everyone is trying to get want and pain, and to gain Bliss. Everyone working for the same goal. But in a strict sense only a few in the world are religious, for only a few in the world, though they have the same goal as all others, know the most effective means for removing, permanently, all pain or want rid of is physical, mental, or spiritual —and gaining true Bliss.

It says that the proof of the existence of Qod lies in ourselves. It is an inner experience. You can surely recall at least one moment in your life appreciable way, or What us try to does Universal Religion say about when, in prayer or worship, you felt that the trammels of your body had nearly vanished, that the duality of experience pleasure and pain, petty love and hate, and so on had receded from your mind. Pure Bliss and tranquillity had welled up in your heart and you enjoyed an unruffled calm Bliss and contentment.

Other direct proof than the existence of ^liss in ourselves in real prayer or worship can we give of the existence and nature of Qod? THE SCIENCE OF RELIGION Though there —from from the world is the cosmological proof of the is God existence of effect we rise to cause, World-Maker. And there proof as well from the telos to the the teleological — (plan, adaptation) in the world, Supreme 47 we rise to the makes the plan and the moral proof from Intelligence that adaptation. There also is — conscience and the sense of perfection the Perfect Being to whom we rise to our responsibility is due.

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