Review of Rheumatology by Nona T. Colburn (auth.)

By Nona T. Colburn (auth.)

Review of Rheumatology is a synopsis of key parts of curiosity, making for an necessary fast reference paintings. the cloth integrated studies simple musculoskeletal anatomy, immunology, genetics, significant rheumatic illnesses and their pathophysiology, and significant rheumatic therapeutics, in addition to a special bankruptcy at the rising autoinflammatory illnesses.

Review of Rheumatology is a transparent and concise overview publication written in an summary structure. This e-book is a short and simply obtainable reference not just for these getting ready for the rheumatology board assessments, however it additionally serves as a succinct reference for all health and wellbeing care staff attracted to the sector of rheumatology.

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F-wave ii. H-reflex e. Sensory studies i. Useful in localizing peripheral nerve lesions as either proximal or distal to the dorsal root ganglion ii. Standard sensory responses are unaffected by lesions proximal to the dorsal-root ganglia despite the presence of clinical sensory loss Electromyogram (EMG) a. Differentiates neurogenic processes from myopathic disorders b. Separates active denervation from chronic c. Categorizes myopathies as irritable or non-irritable d. Detects the presence of abnormal discharges Quantitative sensory testing a.

Genes COL11A1 on chromosome 1p21, COL11A2 on 6p21, and COL2A1 on 12q13 iv. Disease associations 1. Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia (SED) 3. FACIT collagens a. FACIT = Fibril associated collagens with interrupted triple-helix b. Type IX, XII, XIV, XVI, and XIX (9, 12, 14, 16, 19) c. Do not form fibrils independently d. Associate with the fibrillar collagens Types I, II, and III e. Contain triple-helical domains with disruptions in the Gly-X-Y sequence, producing interrupted triple helices f. Type IX, XII, and XIV all contain a single chondroitin sulfate polysaccharide chain i.

Degraded in lysosomes by a series of glycosidase and sulfatase enzymes d. Average half life i. 25 days for newly synthesized aggrecan and HA in tissue e. Disease association i. Mucopolysaccharidoses 1. Defects in degradation enzymes f. Aggrecan catabolism i. Primarily extracellularly ii. Involves proteolytic cleavage between the G1 and G2 domains of the core protein iii. MMPs are the proteolytic enzymes involved 1. Characterized by a bound Zn at their active site and a requirement for calcium g.

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