Quimica organica. Fundamentos theorio-practicos para el by Galagovsky.

By Galagovsky.

Ahora les dejo otro libro para los de nuevo ingreso o un poco más arriba, está demás mencionar el nombre, espero les sea útil.

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OL2,4221 e00CD. IACS 121, 878 (1999). , Montgomery,J. JACS l}l,476 (lggg). , Montgomery,J. 7-lS(lggg). , Montgomery,J. JACS 121,6098 (1999). cyclobutanone cleavage,t tetrafl uoroborare. Benzannulated lactones are obtained from 2-(ohydroxyphenyl)cyclobutanones as a result of Rh insertion. Whether the benzylic position is fully substituted is a determinant factor for giving rise to J-lactones or s-lactones. -tE gna:n 2-alken-7-ynonesare transformed into rs. 2 Rh-catalyzed reaction of RISnH with propargyl ethers follows differentcoursesdependingon the organicresidueR.

OL 2, 3789(2000). O - (Benzotriazol- 1-yl)- N,N,N',N' -tetramethyluronium tetrafl uoroborate. t This reagent catalyzes cleavage of THP, silyl, and 4,4'dimethoxytrityl ethers. ,Averett,D. SL709(1999). Cleavage of propargyl carbamaratreatment with I equiv of the terarh irradiation. ,Chandrasekara S Benzyltrimethylammonium Benzotriazol-1-yl alkyl carbonate. t Reaction with a carboxylic acid followed by aminolysis leads to amides. SC 29, 2547(1999\. On precipitatingRrSnop(O rF are facilitated. , Liebeskind.

Rd diphenyl- 1,2-ethanediaminecan bc Ph n'"trAon t'Y,-\ . (-z( -binaphthyl 2,2'-Bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1' IJ COOMe Bis(dimethylamino)methane. r o-Hydroxydiphenylethanones condense with the reagent to form isofl avanonesdirectly. ::ho\) lic acidsto alkynesis l*' (1999). 124'7 Pf: . , Bisi, A. SC 29, 3895 (1999). 13,36-37;14,3844;15,34;16, 32-36; 17, 34-38; 18, 39-41; 19, 33-55 ; 20, 4144 Iridium(l) complexes Z .

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