Queen Elizabeth And England's Golden Age (Makers of the by Samuel Willard Crompton

By Samuel Willard Crompton

Less than Queen Elizabeth's rule, literature, style, and schooling got here to the leading edge.

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The longer someone had been a knight, a count, or a duke, the more important he was to the queen. The amount of time one’s father, grandfather, or great-grandfather had been in that position was also important. The two greatest lords of England were the Duke of Norfolk and the Duke of Suffolk. As their names suggest, the Duke of Norfolk governed the northern part of the realm, while the Duke of Suffolk ran the southern part. These two men competed with each other to be the leader of the queen’s armies.

A. The queen’s beauty b. The queen’s inability to commit to anything c. His secret love for the queen d. His desire for more power in the queen’s court ANSWERS: 1. c; 2. a; 3. d; 4. a; 5. b 40 First Cousins, Once Removed Q ueen Elizabeth, born in England in 1533, was one of King Henry VIII’s daughters. Mary, Queen of Scots, born in Scotland in 1543, was the daughter of King James V. The two women were first cousins, once removed. This meant that Elizabeth was a first cousin to King James V. The relationship between 41 Queen Elizabeth 42 Queen Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots would prove to be the most difficult relationship of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

He wanted to be the first Englishman to sail completely around the world. Today people routinely travel around the world in airplanes and, if they do not stop very often, they can make the journey in a very short time. In the 1570s, only one ship had ever gone completely around the globe. The Spanish ship Victoria had encircled the globe between 1519 and 1522. The ship and its crew experienced great hardship. The captain did not live to see the end of the journey. He died in a battle with native people in the Philippine Islands.

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