Puritan Islam: The Geoexpansion of the Muslim World by Barry A. Vann

By Barry A. Vann

During this designated research of Muslim inhabitants shifts within the Western international, geographer Barry A. Vann offers clean insights into the theological components that play into those demographic traits. Vann examines the “imagined geographies” of Muslims with a puritan orientation. individuals with this frame of mind are little prone to simply accept a pluralistic, multicultural, live-and-let-live suggestion of society. And conflicts among conflicting worth structures are virtually inevitable. 

Vann notes that this purist method of Islam is unquestionably now not common between Muslims, and there are numerous various interpretations which are extra reasonable in outlook. still, the indisputable theological heritage of all Muslim groups shades their values and attitudes, and has to be considered while trying to comprehend the aptitude conflicts among contiguous Muslim and non-Muslim groups.

Given the truth that the inhabitants of Muslim immigrants is turning out to be in usually Christian and more and more secular international locations of the Western international whereas the resident populations are both stagnant or declining, Vann’s insightful research of the ways that Islam impacts perceptions of group and geography is of significant relevance.

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As this book will show, such a situation will make Muslim-on-Muslim violence worse, but upon closer inspection, it is actually fundamentalist-on-moderate violence that will increase. To the fundamentalist, countrymen who compromise the precepts of the true faith with non-Muslims are likewise regarded as unbelievers, no matter their self-identity, and are potentially culpable in inviting God's wrath on the entire nation. To outsiders, violent actions seem senseless. 6 Regardless of one's views on America's involvement in those countries, it is nonetheless important to understand the thought processes of Islamic puritans.

Next, they will be shown how to obtain a safe and secure place to live. Such a place will be within the spaces marked by the community itself. 41 In the context of the rewards and punishments proscribed by the Qur'an, the community will help the immigrant shape his opinions regarding himself, assimilation with others, space, the divine, and governance. Compliance with the teachings of the faith and its leaders will help the newcomers build a sense of personal esteem. Once they have reached this stage, according to Maslow's hierarchy, they will be able to move into the stage that he called self-actualization, at which point one possesses the ability to look beyond oneself and sees the needs of others.

Thus, they will be less able to find an economic niche outside the enclave in the secular spaces of Europe and North America. Whereas early on in the chain-migration process, it was the most secular and mobile members of the Muslim world who were able to make long-distance relocations, future immigrants arriving in Europe and North America will have the help of others who have paved the way for them. They will settle into enclaves previously established by the pioneering members of their community.

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