Pseudo-Gregory of Nyssa: Testimonies Against the Jews by of Nyssa, Saint Gregory, Martin C. Albl

By of Nyssa, Saint Gregory, Martin C. Albl

This quantity presents the 1st translation into any smooth language of Pseudo-Gregory of Nyssa’s tales opposed to the Jews, a overdue fourth-century C.E. instance of the scriptural testimonia style. during this style early Christians compiled biblical quotations, prepared below topical headings and observed by way of interpretive comments, that functioned as ''testimonies'' in help of easy Christian ideals and claims. In his notes Albl describes a unified but versatile culture that unfold over the full Mediterranean zone, used to be expressed in Greek, Latin, and different languages, and flourished from the 1st century way past the 5th century. This quantity, with Greek textual content and English translation on dealing with pages, will allow and stimulate higher curiosity and examine in a missed zone of scholarship.

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And it will happen that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Joel 2:32). 3. Further references to “two powers in heaven” passages And again: “From heaven the Lord looked upon the earth to see the groaning of those in chains, to release the sons of those condemned to death, to announce in Zion the name of the Lord” (Ps 101:20b–22a). ” And again: “The one living in the heavens will laugh at them, and the Lord will mock them” (Ps 2:4). 38 And again: “To you, O Lord, I will cry, and to my God I will plead” (Ps 29:9).

G r e g o r y: t e s t i m o n i e s 17 him. And the Lord said to the devil, ‘May the Lord rebuke you, devil”” (Zech 3:1–2a). 53 “And the angel of the Lord testified to Jesus, saying, ‘The Lord Almighty says this: ‘If you go in my ways, 54 and if you keep my commands, you will indeed judge my house”” (Zech 3:6–7).

50 And again: 51 “On that day, his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which faces Jerusalem from the east” (Zech 14:4). 3. Reference to the two parousias of Christ And after a short bit: “The Lord showed me Jesus, the high priest, standing before the angel of the Lord. And the devil stood at his right to oppose 16 [204] gregorius: testimonia adversus judæos το ντικε σθαι α τ . Κα ε πε Κ ριο πρ τ ν δι βολον· Επιτιμ σαι Κ ριο ν σο , δι βολε. » Δαβ δ: « Ο καθ μενο π τ ν χερουβ μ μφ νηθι. » Τ τ ραχον κα νευ ψ φου τ καταβ σεω σημα νων· π γ ρ τ ν γ ν ετ καταβα νων, ψ φον ποιε · π δ π κον ρ ου καταβα νων, ο ποιε .

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