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Encyclopedia of World Biography. Supplement

The research of biography has continuously held a huge, if now not explicitly acknowledged, position at school curricula. The absence in faculties of a category particularly dedicated to learning the lives of the giants of human background belies the point of interest such a lot classes have continually had on humans. From precedent days to the current, the realm has been formed by way of the selections, philosophies, innovations, discoveries, creative creations, clinical breakthroughs, and written works of its myriad personalities.

The Saint's Saints: Hagiography And Geography In Jerome (Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity)

The Saint's Saints offers Jerome’s global photograph as visible via his saints’ Lives. It analyses either his rhetoric and his descriptions of realia, and how he combines classical, Christian and Jewish resources to re-write the biblical Holy Land as a brand new and Christian international for his readers. Susan Weingarten seems at how Jerome dovetails his literary assets along with his adventure of the fabric international of the fourth century to put in writing the Lives of the saints Paul, Hilarion, Malchus and Paula, successfully utilizing them to put in writing the lifetime of Saint Jerome.

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Professor; Internal Medicine; University of Texas Sw Med Ctr/Dallas Dallas, TX 753909105 Timing: Fiscal Year 2001; Project Start 16-AUG-1999; Project End 30-JUN-2003 Summary: Our previous studies have shown by physiologic and morphometric methods that new alveolar and acinar airway growth occurs in the remaining lung after pneumonectomy (PNX) in adult dogs. Regenerative lung growth did not occur after left PNX (45% resection); physiologic compensation was by recruitment of existing capillary reserves functionally significant growth occurred after right PNX (55% resection) but was incomplete, so that abnormalities in exercise capacity, gas exchange and mechanical function persisted.

For this purpose, the PET/CT scanner is equipped with collimated cesium point sources operating in singles mode. Further improvement in SNR can also be achieved by implementing continuous bed motion acquisition for the PET emission scan. Such an approach obviates the need to acquire overlapping bed positions that lead to axially varying SNR and lower overall efficiency. A feature of continuous bed motion will be the use of list mode data acquisition, which also offers the possibility of directly correcting for patient movement during the scan.

Emphasis is placed on determining the role of type of maternal infection (primary versus recurrent) and gestational age as risk factors for sequelae, and evaluating the role of matrnal and infant immune responses as determinants of clinical outcome. ; 2) Preconceptional maternal immunity provides substantial (but not complete) protection from fetal damage; 3) Congenital CMV infection is the leading cause of deafness in children; 4) About 75% of hearing loss in congenital CMV infection progresses postnatally; 5) The rate of congenital CMV infection is markedly increased among offspring of adolescent mothers; 6) The majority of human CMV neutralizing antibodies are directed toward the envelope glycoprotein B; 7) Maternal sexual activity as indicated by STD's and young age at onset of sexual activity is associated with increased risk of congenital CMV infection; 8) 80-90% of infants with congenital CMV infection who are symptomatic at birth will have CNS sequelae; 9) First trimester maternal infection carries greater risk of sequelae in the infected fetus than infection later in pregnancy; 10) Asymptomatic congenital CMV infection is likely a leading cause of deafness in young children; 11) A cranial CT scan is a good predictor of an adverse neurodevelopmental outcome in neonates with symptomatic congenital CMV infection.

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