Plankton and Productivity in the Oceans by J. E. G. Raymont

By J. E. G. Raymont

Even supposing quantity 1 offers generally with phytoplankton, it ends with a comparability of the first productiveness of alternative significant areas and of the standards answerable for various construction.

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This effect is shown in Fig. 23, a temperature section across the North Pacific at 35°N. In the east, the California Current is the relatively cold southward-flowing current which, coupled with offshore winds, produces upwelling of colder water to the surface and high nutrient and plankton levels; there is a roughly inverse relationship of Zooplankton volume to temperature in the California Current. Position along 35*Ν Fig. 23. Distribution of temperature (°C) on a section at 35°N across the North Pacific Ocean.

Data for the Gulf of Mexico (Maurer, 1976) indicated that up to 15% of the D O C occurs as compounds with apparent molecular weights above 1000 and that material of molecular weight greater Chemical Composition of Seawater 45 5 than 10 comprises not more than 5 % of the total D O C . A study on the coastal seawater of Tokyo Bay (Ogura, 1974) showed that for waters of salinity greater than 33%o, containing about 1 mg DOC/1, from 35 to 5 0 % of the D O C was accounted for by 4 5 material in the apparent molecular weight range 10 to 10 ; significant fractions (17 to 5 30%) showed apparent molecular weights exceeding 10 and material of low apparent molecular weight ( < 500) was also significant (8 to 34%).

The marine D O M shows also significant differences from terrestrial material in the ratio 1 2 1 3 of the stable carbon isotopes C and C (Williams and Gordon, 1970; Stuermer and Harvey, 1974). Together with the chemical differences already noted, these features point to an authigenic origin for the D O M . It seems probable that material resembling marine D O M can be formed by condensation reactions from compounds exuded from macroalgae, such as polyphenols, carbohydrates and amino compounds (Sieburth and Jensen, 1970).

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