Personal Autonomy: New Essays on Personal Autonomy and its by James Stacey Taylor

By James Stacey Taylor

This quantity brings jointly unique essays addressing the theoretical foundations of the concept that of autonomy, in addition to essays investigating the connection among autonomy and ethical accountability, freedom, political philosophy, and clinical ethics. Written by means of widespread philosophers presently in those parts, the e-book represents state-of-the-art examine at the nature and cost of autonomy and may be crucial studying for a extensive variety of philosophers in addition to psychologists.

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They will do this in large part by being plan-type attitudes whose primary role includes the organization of practical thought and action over time by way of Lockean ties. 32 What the hierarchical theorist will primarily want to appeal to, then, are higher-order policy-like attitudes. Which higher-order policy-like Planning Agency, Autonomous Agency 43 attitudes? Here we need to reflect further on the very idea of selfgovernance. Autonomous actions, I have said, are under the direction of the agent in ways that qualify as a form of governance by that agent.

In this way, it tries to see self-governance as involving reflectiveness without a homunculus. Note that the theory need not claim that the very same higher-order attitude is involved in all cases of hierarchical self-governance. It need only claim that all cases of hierarchical self-governance involve some such higher-order conative attitude. This basic idea has been developed in a number of different ways in recent years both by Frankfurt and by others, and I will later advert to some elements from this literature.

Before proceeding with this strategy, however, I want to reflect on the Platonic alternative that Watson sketches, one that highlights responsiveness to judgments about the good. 19 We can clarify one way this can happen by turning to one of Frankfurt’s later developments of the hierarchical model. 20 Satisfaction is not a further attitude but Planning Agency, Autonomous Agency 39 rather a structural feature of the psychic system. For me to be satisfied with my higher-order desire in favor of my desire to turn the other cheek is not for me to have an even-higher-order desire.

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