Panorthosia by Comenius 19-26 by A.M.O. Dobbie

By A.M.O. Dobbie

Panorthosia (Universal Reform) is the basic subject matter of John Amos Comenius's recognized session at the Reform of Human Affairs, and chapters 19-26 signify its climax. during this quantity is gifted the 1st English translation of this significant paintings of Comenius, which used to be misplaced from approximately 1672 until eventually 1934 while the Latin students of Czechoslovakia had it edited for book in Prague in 1960.

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For the only true purpose that schools should set themselves is to plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art God's people (Isaiah LI, 16), that is, to prepare the new race for the church and politics right from its birth, and make it truly the people of God. But is this receiving any attention in the world? Is it not true to say that most schools exist for show or profit or the quest of some form of entertainment from literature and knowledge of material things?

16. I offer the above as an example, not to suggest that rules for domestic order cannot be prescribed in a different form, but insisting that such prescription should not be overlooked. But there must be an additional safeguard ensuring that the rules are observed by everyone. This can be in the hands of the father of the family or his substitutes. 17. But punishment must be imposed on anyone who ventures to default, and those who are specially trustworthy and industrious should be recommended for a reward, bearing in mind that children or even servants should occasionally be allowed to have fun and games and parties, particularly if they have diligently performed the serious duties falling to them, for example, at the time of the harvest or the vintage.

6. ' For adults (especially in their old age) are infected with evil since they have been in contact with many corruptions, and they are incapable of rejecting what they know, because if they actively engaged in evil, they have formed a habit from which it is difficult, if not impossible, to recover. (Hence the saying— 'You could break an ingrained vice but you won't correct it in a hurry'). For the only possible way to acquire the opposite habit is to accustom yourself deliberately to the opposite kind of action, and in old age time usually runs short for this kind of practice.

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